This is my first post....

on my new blog.

I am returning from a somewhat long hiatus from blogging. In the time I've been gone, I have come to terms with being a closeted lesbian, found the love of my life, started college (10 years late) and discovered, then became disillusioned with, the world of online forums. It's been a busy time in my life.

I've returned to blogging with a bit of ambivalence. I feel a lack of focus and I'm not convinced I'll find the time to update regularly once school starts up again. I'm afraid that I'll never find a blogging community like the one I used to inhabit. I hope that I can. I seem to remember the discourse that happened in the blogosphere being so much more civil than that which occurs in forums.

Regardless, here I am. Back, like some kind of addict. The internets, they consume me.

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  1. You've only recently returned to the blogosphere, so you might yet find another inclusive, engaging blogging community. Good luck!